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Re: [Authentic_SCA] somewhat OT bread

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  • Trey Capnerhurst
    Ok. Technically, spelt has no WHEAT gluten. For the purposes of my work in giving advice to celiac and other sufferers from wheat gluten, I can safely say
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 13, 2002
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      Ok.  Technically, spelt has no WHEAT gluten.  For the purposes of my work in giving advice to celiac and other sufferers from wheat gluten, I can safely say that spelt is gluten free, and many products made with spelt actually say 'gluten free' on them.   Not all gluten is created equal, so your boss man and I are both right.  In a way.  (The gluten in spelt is much more delicate, for example, and should be considered when making bread and other products from it.)  The following articles should clarify.

      Where did you get your information on spelt? according to der boss man at work, spelt does have gluten in it...but I've seen no hard and fast evidence either way...hmm

      On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 01:01 AM, Trey Capnerhurst wrote:

      Glad someone found them useful.  There was so much talk on this subject on the list that a small splinter group formed a medieval baker's guild!
      'Allergic to wheat' is usually gluten intolerant.  Spelt has no gluten, so those who are intolerant very much enjoy having a grain their systems can deal with.  If they one of those rare birds that are actually allergic to wheat itself, then they may have a problem with non-gluten grains.
      Honey is an anti-bac.  (Can also be used on the skin to treat infections, esp. acne.)  It should always be kept in mind, esp. if one is using yeast bacteria.  

      *grin* this is really neat! I always like to realte modern things I do to the way they would have been done in period...

      spelt flour is useable for bread, at work we bake it, it's very popular with people who are allergic to wheat. WARNING: not all people who are allergic to wheat can eat spelt...tyr it in small quantities first!

      honey is what we use to sweeten 99% of our breads. according to my boss, it acts as a natural preservative...


      On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 08:44 PM, Trey Capnerhurst wrote:

      Do you REALLY want to know?
      This came up on one of the SCA herbalist lists I'm on.  I'll include some of the responses verbatium. 

      *massive trim*

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