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West Coast Hammer In

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  • Edgin, William
    Hello! First, a disclaimer. While this is slightly OOP and OT, and while this is not an SCA-sanctioned event, I thought it would be of interest to the good
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      First, a disclaimer. While this is slightly OOP and OT, and while this is
      not an SCA-sanctioned event, I thought it would be of interest to the good
      Gentles and Ladies of this list to know that the Salinas Swordsman and
      Darkmoor Armoury are hosting the Second Annual West Coast Hammer-In in
      Salinas (about 2 hrs south of San Francisco) during the weekend of September
      14-15. If my posting this non-SCA event on an SCA list is inappropriate,
      then I apologize.

      The purpose of this event is to have people who share a common love of
      making armour come together to pound steel, share tips and techniques, and
      maybe even teach a class or two to educate the rest of us hammer-jockies.
      Last year, we had several local people attend, as well as a gentleman from
      Oregon and one from Utah.

      The Hammer-In will start around noon on Saturday and end around 7 p.m.
      Sunday. You are encouraged to bring a tent and stay over with the rest of
      us Saturday night. We'll be camping out behind our castle, which you can
      see at the URL below. We'll start armouring around noon or so, and make
      noise until dark. Sometime in the afternoon, we'll be barbequing some
      animal flesh and in the evening we'll be sitting around a bonfire, having a
      few drinks and telling lies to each other ;-) Sunday we'll do more of the
      same until around 7 p.m. when we start cleaning up. You're welcome to come
      and go anytime you like during the festivities.

      Our shop is pretty well stocked in terms of tools and mild steel, but if you
      plan on working with leather, stainless steel, or buckles, we recommend that
      you bring your own supplies like that. You shouldn't need to bring many
      tools with you since we have a Beverly B2, B3, MIG welder, grinders, gloves,
      ear protection, and about 50 hammers, (plus a ton of other stuff) but if
      you've got a specialized tool you want to bring, by all means bring it!

      The cost for this event is...well...free. I'm not sure how many people from
      this list are interested in coming, but if there end up being more than
      10-15 people, then we may end up asking for help in the form of food, beer,
      or maybe a couple bucks from attendees.

      This event is pretty informal in that we don't have much of a set schedule
      for anything. I'm working on trying to get a few people out here to teach
      things like acid etching, cuir boille armour, and stuff like that there. If
      anyone has a useful armour-related craft they think we'd be interested in
      learning, please feel free to email me at prince@... and we
      can work something out! Also, if you'd like to get some fighting in, or
      even try fighting with an entirely different combat system (our group's),
      then feel free to bring your gear.

      I look forward to hearing from folks interested in attending. To RSVP,
      please contact me at the address above and let me know what day you plan on
      arriving and how many other people you're bringing, if any. Thanks.

      Clayton Edgin
      Prince of Darkmoor
      Salinas Swordsman
      http://www.castledarkmoor.com - our group's webpage
      http://www.darkmoorarmoury.com - Darkmoor Armoury
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