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Re: A proposal for Authenticity

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  • xina007eu
    ... saying a lot, ... give to ... means ... effort into it; ... a good ... is the ... to a ... there is ... manufacturing ... periods ... minimal ... experts
    Message 1 of 48 , Jul 1, 2002
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@c...> wrote:
      > On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil wrote:
      > > OTOH, a lot of groups have money in their coffers - I'm not
      saying a lot,
      > > but enough to cover the costs of photocopying small pamphlets to
      give to
      > > their group's newcomers and help them get a clue. Of course, this
      > > that you'd have to persuade your group to put the money and
      effort into it;
      > > which in turn means convincing them that accurate re-creation is
      a good
      > > thing. *grin*
      > One thing that separates the SCA from other 'living history' groups
      is the
      > focus of the group -- Regia Anglorum or CivWar groups are narrowed
      to a
      > very short time in history coupled with a specific geography, so
      there is
      > more expertise available about things like garb, tools,
      > techniques, music, etc. The SCA covers such a wide range of time
      > and geographical areas that to do any kind of enforcing of even
      > authenticity standards would require an inordinate number of
      experts to
      > even decide what is acceptable and what is not (an BOD for
      Authenticity? I
      > bet that would go over real well...)
      > -- Istvan
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------
      > All heiresses are beautiful.
      > -- John Dryden

      Hi Istvan,

      I don't think the idea is "enforcing". I think the idea is to give
      newbies some hints and help them get past the initial stage of
      confusion. The idea is NOT to have them file past someone who
      inspects their "kits" and then either allows them to play or not.

      For garb, you could give them instructions how to make a simple T-
      tunic and explain when and where this type of garment was worn. Then
      they'd have a kind of "anchor" to a certain time period and could
      decide whether to stay there or move to a different time period or

      The difficult bit IMHO is getting people into researching things,
      exploring crafts and technologies. First efforts don't always look
      very impressive (like a lop-sided clay pot that's a 7-year old's
      first attempt at pottery). When you see people that seem to be light-
      years ahead, is can be very disheartening, and it may be difficult to
      believe that you can reach the same level of skill or knowledge.

      Best regards,

    • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
      ... EEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Great! Now I ll never escape! *resigned sigh* I m considering doing this because my laurel is a German who was shipped to England at a
      Message 48 of 48 , Jul 18, 2002
        > >Gee, Despina, don't you want to throw in a couple of hand-sewn court
        > Elizabethans in there?
        > >
        > >If Gwendoline reads this, I'm a marked woman and it'll be your fault
        > Laurensa. I'm considering doing a couple of Elizabethan skirts and
        > doublets for an alternate English persona. *blush*
        >I'm reading this late but, I've got you now. <G> I believe you would be
        >more comfortable in kirtles and doublets since I will argue the skirt
        >issue with you. : )

        EEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Great! Now I'll never escape! *resigned sigh*

        I'm considering doing this because my laurel is a German who was shipped to
        England at a young age in an agreement for his apprenticeship to a jeweler
        and painter and his wife is English all the way. I just thought it would
        be cool if I surprised them by doing a persona shift to their island for an
        outfit or two. *grin*

        > > >(And where do you buy goatskin?)
        > >
        > >Talas. It's a beautiful French goatskin that cost me $82 - the last of
        > my spare money after I bought my linen
        >Do you have the contact info for these people?

        Sure, http://nt.bnt.com/talas/menu.html?category=148 is the direct link
        to their parchement pages, http://talasonline.com/ puts you at their homepage.

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