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More Tent Questions

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  • Michelle -TJ- King
    I m a tad behind in my email, so apologies if these questions already came up. a) If you re painting your tent with acrylic, doesn t that cut down on the
    Message 1 of 91 , Jul 1 5:10 AM
      I'm a tad behind in my email, so apologies if these
      questions already came up.

      a) If you're painting your tent with acrylic, doesn't
      that cut down on the tent's ability to breathe? We
      just got rid of a vinyl-lined canvas tent that darn
      near killed us at Pennsic because it got so stuffy
      inside - I'd be worried that covering one's tent with
      acrylic paint would produce the same result.

      b) OK, this may be silly, but...what were tents made
      out of in period?


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    • marshamclean@rogers.com
      That was an example off the top of my head since I *did* know whereof I spoke - I was head troll at PW 24. I was only using that as an example. I should have
      Message 91 of 91 , Jul 8 1:16 PM
        Forgive me for jumping in...

            ". . .   For example, the troll could say to the next year's troll 'I
        learnt that this will work better if we do thus for this reason'.  ANd the
        next year's troll will be there in the booth, witnessing the issue that
        needs soolution, instead of having to learn fresh the next year why the
        recommendation was in the last year's report (and then it's too late to
        act).  And that's my rant.


        I'm sorry, this is going to be a rant back. The Pennsic Troll booth has been
        doing just that for YEARS. I mean YEARS. The only person who'd not be aware
        of that is someone who's rarely been in the troll booth. Please use a more
        informed example.

        In service and
        Testy, and rude enough to say "I'm sorry" (I''m sorry),
        Head troll for three years
        Deputy troll troll four times, including this year, after flip-flopping with
        my deputy so he could have the chance - and last year's Head Troll, who was
        MY deputy for two years, will be there for land grab specifically to help
        out - and NEXT year's head troll is a deputy this year and was one last year
        and the year before....)

        Grrrr..... (I agree with you about many of the more visable departments,
        though. Like, say - Autocrat's staff.)

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