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A&S Competitions (was: Re: AWSOME ST. ELEGIUS....)

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  • maud_de_clayton
    ... ... don t.) ... Actually, yes, with the exception of the Flemish dress I just made for working at Faire, I can basically take anything off my
    Message 1 of 59 , Jun 3, 2002
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "skud11111" <skud@i...> wrote:

      > - much as we might like to do otherwise, almost everyone takes
      > shortcuts for normal event stuff compared to what they'd enter in a
      > comp (Do you dress as well for every event as you would if it were
      > being entered in a display or being judged for points? I know I
      > - we seldom have documentation handy (although I know some people do
      > carry copies of docs for their most recent/special stuff).


      Actually, yes, with the exception of the Flemish dress I just made
      for working at Faire, I can basically take anything off my back and
      enter it in an A&S competition. I can't do that with the Flemish
      dress, as I reinforced the bodice seams with twill tape, rather than
      finishing it by hand because I needed to get the dress finished (and
      it still isn't) and it has to be very hard-wearing to stand up to
      working at Faire for the next few years. The next Flemish dress will
      be up to my regular standards.

      I also "document as I go along" with anything that I do, both to
      serve as a reminder of how I did something (I teach so much that I
      frequently turn my notes into my class handouts), and to serve as
      documentation if I decide on the spur of the moment to enter an A&S
      competition. I have a template on my computer that has the questions
      that have to be answered; I just plug in the information, take lots
      of notes, and write the bibliography as I do my research, then when
      I'm done, I can whip through the detailed information (usually 7-10
      pages, double-spaced) in a couple of hours.

      All that being said, and having been both an entrant and judge in a
      number of A&S competitions, I can see the reason for it, even though
      I don't particularly care for it. One of the knightly "virtues" is
      prowess: how is prowess in something as subjective as the Arts
      defined? Combat peers, whether they are in the SCA, Adria, ECS, or
      any other medieval recreation group have it simple: they can go out
      and prove their prowess by winning a tournament list. Artist/artisans
      have a much harder time: we have no formalized guild structure
      throughout medieval recreation, the few guilds remaining (EGA, HGA,
      etc.) are more focused on contemporary techniques and styles than
      historic techniques and styles, and the judges at county and state
      fairs are not familiar enough with most medieval and Renaissance arts
      to be competent judges. So competitions, although they are not
      period, seem at this time to be an inherent part of the A&S structure
      throughout the hobby/sport of medieval recreation.

      I dislike the "competition" aspect of the A&S for two reasons: 1) as
      Alessandro and others pointed out, it is not period; and 2) I dislike
      people simply judging me for my titles and awards, rather than on my
      skills as an sempstress, needleworker, etc. For this reason, I do not
      enter in competitions in the SCA (after all, this is my "vacation,"
      so I can just play <grin>), and I limit my competing in Adria to
      wars, where succeeding in the A&S sphere can influence the outcome of
      a war and impact who sits on the throne. (For those unfamiliar with
      the Adrian Empire or the Empire of Chivalry and Steel, who wears the
      crown is not decided by single combat; rather, a "war" is held, with
      members deciding whose army they will be in, and "war points" are
      awarded to each army for their showing on the field of combat, in the
      A&S competition, and in the Archery lists.)

      Sorry! I didn't mean to go on for quite so long.

    • wodeford
      ... got ... do ... She didn t. Sigh. She didn t understand No, you may not have my address, either. She forgot she can t make me read the damned things.
      Message 59 of 59 , Jun 8, 2002
        --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "wodeford" <wodeford@y...> wrote:
        > Talk about timing. I've been hunted down like the dog I am. ;-> I
        > a note from the outgoing Bard of Cynagua last night requesting my
        > address so she can mail me my score sheets. I politely declined to
        > so: I did my best, people applauded, that's enough for me.
        > I wonder if she'll understand.

        She didn't. Sigh. She didn't understand "No, you may not have my
        address," either.

        She forgot she can't make me read the damned things.

        Jehanne de Sgusted
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