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Re: [Authentic_SCA] AWSOME ST. ELEGIUS....

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  • skud11111
    ... though. A knight/fighters whole thing is fighting, and the main venue for fighting is the tourney. For artisans, the whole SCA is our venue. I am a
    Message 1 of 59 , Jun 3, 2002
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., <marshamclean@r...> wrote:

      > There is also a distinct difference between the arts and fighting,
      though. A knight/fighters whole "thing" is fighting, and the main
      venue for fighting is the tourney. For artisans, the whole SCA is our
      venue. I am a costumer, so my work is on display at every event. A
      cook's work is displayed whenever it is eaten...

      I thought about this a bit, and I'm not sure I entirely agree.

      - much as we might like to do otherwise, almost everyone takes
      shortcuts for normal event stuff compared to what they'd enter in a
      comp (Do you dress as well for every event as you would if it were
      being entered in a display or being judged for points? I know I don't.)

      - we seldom have documentation handy (although I know some people do
      carry copies of docs for their most recent/special stuff). If I see
      someone wandering around looking spiff, I can admire it in a general
      way but I don't generally get to learn "this is 14th century spanish,
      made from blah blah in the style of blah" unless I get to talk to
      them. If I eat a dish at a feast, even assuming that I know that the
      feast's cook is a cooking laurel, I don't have much opportunity to
      find out about where the dish is from, how it's made, its cultural
      context, or anything else apart from its name and taste... and I would
      hardly go into the kitchen to ask them.

      - if someone's wearing/carrying an item at an event, you don't know it
      was *them* that did it... they might have bought the item, or a friend
      might have made it

      - an entry in a display/comp works like an introduction... people may
      feel more comfortable coming up and chatting to someone whose work is
      out on the table with their name on it, than they would going up to a
      complete stranger and asking about something they're
      wearing/carrying/doing. The documentation (even if only a one-line
      description) gives you a starting point for conversation. And entry
      in the display/comp implies an availability and active willingness to
      chat about your work on the day, which may be a good thing for those
      people who are loathe to interrupt peers who always seem to be running
      around doing stuff and having meetings at events and talking to people
      at events. "Peer fear" is mostly about "they're too busy/important to
      want to talk to me" and actively soliciting conversations about the
      work by putting it out on the table may help break through that.

      Anyway, just a few more random thoughts.


    • wodeford
      ... got ... do ... She didn t. Sigh. She didn t understand No, you may not have my address, either. She forgot she can t make me read the damned things.
      Message 59 of 59 , Jun 8, 2002
        --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "wodeford" <wodeford@y...> wrote:
        > Talk about timing. I've been hunted down like the dog I am. ;-> I
        > a note from the outgoing Bard of Cynagua last night requesting my
        > address so she can mail me my score sheets. I politely declined to
        > so: I did my best, people applauded, that's enough for me.
        > I wonder if she'll understand.

        She didn't. Sigh. She didn't understand "No, you may not have my
        address," either.

        She forgot she can't make me read the damned things.

        Jehanne de Sgusted
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