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Re: [Authentic_SCA] A suggestion, re; tents, gear, etc.

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  • Kirrily Robert
    ... I think there s two things at work here. As you say, nobody will throw you out of the SCA for having a dome tent or modern shoes or whatever. But when I
    Message 1 of 28 , Jun 3, 2002
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      Pete wrote:
      > I am looking at the SCA from the outside, so please correct me if
      > this next observation is incorrect. It appears to me that you will
      > not be excluded from any SCA event if your clothing and equipment is
      > not completely authentic. If that is the case, I see no reason to
      > make any attempt to hide or modify any modern equipment you may be
      > using now. Instead redirect your resources into making or acquiring
      > the proper equipment. When you do get a period item, simply stop
      > using the modern equivilant. Over time, usually a couple of years or
      > more, your kit or camp will become more and more authentic.

      I think there's two things at work here.

      As you say, nobody will throw you out of the SCA for having a dome tent
      or modern shoes or whatever. But when I take a "half measure", I don't
      do it to conform to the SCA rules, I do it to give myself and my friends
      (and anyone else who likes some degree of historical accuracy) at least
      half a chance to suspend disbelief.

      To take the example of my shoes, which are modern flat-soled "mary
      janes" (i.e. black leather, strap and buckle fastening)... I know that
      the $20 I spent on them at Payless Shoes could have been put towards a
      pair of more authentic ones, but if putting it towards the more
      authentic shoes meant wearing sneakers in the meantime, I would consider
      that to be unacceptably modern and offensive to my own sense of "minimum
      reasonable effort", even though there's no rule against wearing Nikes
      under my gown. Same goes for most of my other half measures.

      Also, many of my half measures are a matter of time, not money. In some
      cases a half measure will cost half as much as doing it right (dome tent
      covers spring to mind) and in that case it seems like it might be worth
      saving the money. But what if money's not the only thing at stake here?
      I mean, a pair of authentic shoes would probably only cost me $20 in
      materials, but they would cost me a *lot* of time that I don't have. So
      while I might be doubling the financial cost to get to authenticity in
      the shoe department ($20 for the modern mary-janes, $20 for authentic
      materials), I'm only adding perhaps 2% to the total *time* cost (half an
      hour to buy the mary-janes; many many hours to research authentic shoes,
      learn how to make them, etc).

      So, um, I guess I sort of half agree with you. I'd like people to wait
      and get more authentic stuff, but if there's a quick and easy and cheap
      half-measure that will avoid offending peoples' sense of reasonable
      authenticity in the meantime, I think it's worth taking.



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