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Re: [Authentic_SCA] More shameless plugs - June 15 and 22!!!

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  • Steven Proctor
    oooOOOooo, YES! This is gonna be FABULOUS. If you re at all interested in Dance, get your dancing feet to this one. We re gonna have a fabulous time, teaching
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2002
      oooOOOooo, YES! This is gonna be FABULOUS.

      If you're at all interested in Dance, get your dancing feet to this one.
      We're gonna have a fabulous time, teaching a bunch of really fun Italian
      dances through the day and dancing them into the night. With REAL, LIVE
      musicians!!! There's some great stuff here that isn't taught elsewhere,
      and is a great deal of fun for all concerned... :-D

      Put it on your calendar...



      alejandrademiera wrote:
      > Well, the ever-popular Baron Morgan has a VERY lively barony this
      > year, so since he's plugging our September event, I had better plug
      > our June event....
      > On June 15th, Dragonship Haven (southwestern Connecticut) will be
      > holding the event "Al Palazzo della Contessa", which is a combination
      > of a daytime dance workshop and an evening party.
      > The workshop will be taught by my eccentric alter ego, signor
      > Alessandro, itinerant dancing-master, and will focus entirely on
      > dances from a single manual: Caroso's 1581 book Il Ballarino. This
      > will be an unusual (for the SCA) opportunity to look at the
      > similarities and differences among a variety of dances from a single
      > place and time. I will probably teach half a dozen dances, with a
      > lot of attention to steps and style and plenty of review to reinforce
      > them. No previous experience in this form of dance (or any form,
      > come to think of it) is needed - I will be teaching from absolute
      > scratch and the dances are not difficult; I picked them for easy
      > steps and short sequences. Food will be served all day to keep our
      > energy up.
      > In the evening, we are experimenting with recreating an informal
      > evening in a sixteenth century palazzo. Dancers and non-dancers are
      > all welcome to eat, drink (non-alcoholic; it's a church), and make
      > merry - and, of course, dance. Our musicians will play the dances we
      > learned during the day and any other dances of late 16th century
      > Italy that people are inclined to dance (and get us music for before
      > the event so we can practice.) This will be more formal than a
      > typical SCA ball, notably in that only a few people at a time will
      > dance for their now-educated audience, but less formal than a "Caroso
      > ball", in that people not dancing will not be expected to do nothing
      > but sit and watch. Our hostess will be the illustrissima Contessa
      > Olivia Graeme.
      > We are encouraging people with late 16th century costume to wear it
      > to help us with "atmosphere," but it's not required. (My esteemed
      > Baron, for example, persists in intending to wear 1400ish stuff....)
      > We will not be achieving perfect period atmosphere, but hey, it's the
      > first time we've tried this...
      > This event is limited in numbers: we can accomodate 36 people for the
      > daytime workshop and an additional 25 or so for the evening. We are
      > about half sold out for the day already, so do not delay should you
      > wish to attend! Site fee is $12 for the day/evening inclusive, or $6
      > for just the evening. There will be handouts and sheet music so you
      > can take the dances home with you afterwards and teach them to others
      > (or at least do them again at home!) If this event is successful, I
      > hope to do it yearly in Dragonship.
      > More information (slowly expanding) about this event can be found at:
      > http://www.generalist.org/alejandra/june.html
      > Now, since I know this list has denizens all over the world, fear
      > not - if you can't make it to Dragonship Haven, well, this event is a
      > Roadshow event! One week later, I will be repeating basically the
      > same workshop, with a somewhat different ball, in the fair land of
      > Caerthe (Denver, Colorado). More information about THAT event can be
      > found at:
      > http://home.earthlink.net/~smcclune/Workshop.html
      > If anyone else would like a 16th century Italian dance workshop
      > Roadshow, let me know. I love to travel and have a strong interest
      > in seeing a common core of easy 16th century Italian dances spread
      > throughout the SCA.
      > If you have questions about the event (either event), please check
      > out the respective websites first and use the information addresses
      > found there. This email address is purely for spam and listmail, so
      > don't email me here and expect to get an answer! Feel free to ask on
      > the list so I can keep the event in front of people and keep on
      > advertising, though. :)
      > Oh, and hey, that St. Eligious pentathlon event has a category for
      > European dance. Gee, what a great chance this event would be to
      > learn a lovely dance to enter in that category, which is often vastly
      > underentered and thus a great place to pick up a win...
      > Plugging shamelessly,
      > Alejandra
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