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  • Trey Capnerhurst
    Some of you may run across these items. Cross posted. Treasach This is a cross-post; two of my friends in WV who are SCAdian merchants,were just robbed
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2002
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      Some of you may run across these items.  Cross posted.

      This is a cross-post;  two of my friends in WV who are SCAdian
      just robbed clean, clean  CLEAN.   #$%#!!!!    Blackguards.
      In addition to eBay, the slimeballs may try to fence the period stuff
      unsuspecting SCAdians and Rennies.   If they're the travelling type,
      happen many miles away from WV.
      There is an itemized....and sadly, long....list of missing period
      below.    If ANY of the items below turn up....the Huntington police
      are at:
      304-528-5555.  (The single thing Valentine forgot to post.)Grrr. 
      Karma, karma, karma, PLEASE fry these creeps.
      Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 18:01:31 -0400
      To: sca-east@..., eknorth@egroups.com,
      From: Liz Clark <freya2000@...>
      Subject: [EK] Stolen property (fwd from Aethelmarc list)
      Reply-To: sca-east@...,
      A humble request please to keep an eye out for the following
      equipment. It
      was stolen from a vehicle in Huntington, WV last night, and may be
      for sale on E-bay or simmilar type sites. If you suspect anything on
      a site
      is one of these items please email me at this address immediately.
      One walking stick, carved with leaves of AEthelmearc trees on the
        third of it, unfinished work in progress.
      Tripplette Black Fencing Mask (all but new) with a Black velveteen
        hat sewn to it. Rhinestone teardrop shaped pin on hat. (inside the
        also a black tripplette hood *mask and hood size large,* a 'pirate
        print headwrap/headband, and a pair of black leather fencing
        yellow tape over the mid knuckle of the forefinger on the right
      Red and Black Golf Bag
      Schlager Bladed rapier (oval blade, 36") Tripplette Steel Cup Hilt,
        steel italian crossbar and steel grip, brass pommel
      Schlager bladed rapier, chromed steel swept hilt (like those sold by
        Sterling Swords,) oval blade 36" Brown wooden grip
      Two Alchem papenhimer epees (old italian grip, now only sold on their
        daggers) both had russian epee blades with yellow tip tape.
      One Poppinjay rapier, 'sabre-style' knuckleguard basket with
        purple leather wrapping on handle, russian epee blade.
      One American Fencing Supply Napoleonic Rapier, epee blade
      Alchem Main-gauche Dagger, Safe-flex blade, pink tip tape
      Alchem Pappenheimer Dagger, Safe-flex blade, pink tip tape
      One flex blade dagger, brass cup guard molded to look like leaves,
        leather french grip, round steel pommel
      Red suede codpiece, chaimail pouch on interior for plastic cup,
        leather beltingOne pair brown suede gauntletsOne loose leon paul
      foil blade
      Two loose russian epee bladesOne broken foil blade (punch tester)
      Cloak Pin, made by His Excellency Master Lughe (sp?) the Black of
        Blackstone Mountain.. given as prize at Investiture of Rurik and
        during their Reign as Prince and Princess of AEthelmearc, Scottish
        Pin) Brass set with Carnelian, and hammer mark decorations on
        back engraved with date of creation and the comment "raining."
      (this item
        was in the golf bag)
      Also taken were two large tupperware containers, a foldaway bed
      frame, a
        brand new tent (likely already returned to Wal Mart by the thieves.)
        Wooden Box (used to hold three wine bottles) converted into travel
        illumination supplies, had inside, pens, nibs, bottles of inks,
        tubes of gouche, brushes, various rulers, red gold and black
      sealing wax
        with stylized fleur seal, aluminum and gold foils for guilding,
        oyster shells for mixing pots, three razor knives with extra
      blades, small
        wooden box with hand done native american print on front which
        numerous commercial pens of various types..calligrqaphy, gel pens,
        out pens, technical ink pens of various colors..In tupperware:
      Several pairs of velvet tights (3 black, purple, & brown)
      One brown velvet split sleeve doublet (mens)
      One grey and black velvet and fabric doublet, with 'shoulder
      Six white muslin shirts (4 spannish wedding style and 2 swordsman
      Blue velvet tunic4 black swordsmans shirts
      3 chemise, (one white cotton, one muslin, and one gold satin)
      2 leather belts, one braided leather, the other long and ring style..
      Tent stakes, rubber mallet, 2 electric lanterns, 2 flashlights
      (coleman  brands)
      'Three dog' yellow and black celtic print bedsheet
      Grey and black celtic horse print bedsheet
      There is a lot more than this list too.. but these are the things
      that Gwen
        and I felt possibly recoverable if they were to show up on E-bay or
        similar.. If it is SCAdian, and you have seen it in/on Gwen or I' s
        person and you have any doubts, please contact us.. and/or contact
        Rob Stinnett, Huntington, West Virginia Police Department, Badge
        #02-5088. Please feel free to cross post this to any lists you
      As these items were stolen from my mother's vehicle and said vehicle
        not on her property.. it seems that unfortunately insurance will
      not cover
        any of this and as a result, my lady and I have lost nearly
        SCAdian we own other than some personal favor and tokens, and what
        of garb where in the house. Our real hope for recovery is that the
        will be seen by someone dilligent and courteous such as yourself..
      Thank you for your time and attention,Valentine Raphael dePeregoy

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