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Wyewood Tourney Skills One Day Ithra May 11

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  • Lori Rael Northon
    Please excuse this blatant commercial announcement for the upcoming Wyewood Tourney Skills One Day Ithra. Hit the delete key now if you are not interested in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2002
      Please excuse this blatant commercial announcement for the upcoming Wyewood
      Tourney Skills One Day Ithra. Hit the delete key now if you are not
      interested in taking fun classes or you do not live in the Kingdom of An

      What is an Ithra session? A University of Ithra session is an opportunity
      for taking fun, creative classes about the Middle Ages and the SCA.
      Teachers proficient in many skills and with much cultural knowledge will
      teach a range of subjects at this one-day session. When and Where is the
      Wyewood Tourney Skills Ithra? The Ithra will be for one day only on
      Saturday, May 11th, at Mount Baker Middle School in Auburn, WA.. Instead of
      a two-day Ithra, this is a single day Ithra. This will allow you to come
      enjoy the Ithra on Saturday and leave Sunday open to spend with Mom or do
      laundry or both! Why should you come to this Ithra? Because the classes
      are the kind you may not see again for a while!!! There are several tracks
      of classes for both newcomers and for those that have been around for some
      time. All of the classes being taught will help to provide you will the
      skills you'll need to enjoy the upcoming tourney season. The following
      highlights just a few of the tracks and classes available at the Ithra:
      There will be a Constabulary Class specifically set up for those interested
      in the new guidelines of the Kingdom Constable and will count towards the
      new warranting procedure. The Culinary Track will be taught in a home ec
      room, with stoves and equipment available for students to participate in
      hands-on activity. For those interested in Rapier there are two tracks of
      Indoor Rapier Classes and sparring!

      NEW UPDATE!!!!! The costumer's guild will be offering guild level challenges
      at the Wyewood Tourney Skills Ithra. This is the first time in a long while
      that the challenges have been held in the formerly known Western Region. If
      you want ranking criteria please email Aelana Cordovera at

      Instead of the traditional potluck, the Shire of Wyewood will be providing a
      Luncheon of sumptuous nummy bits for the nominal fee of $5.00 to be paid on
      site. So bring your feast gear and enjoy the luxury of cafeteria food
      Wyewood style.

      Site: Mt. Baker Middle School, 620 37th Ave SE, Auburn, WA 98002
      Site Opens: 8:00AM
      Site Closes: 7:30PM
      Site Fee for those not attending classes is $6.00 for the day. Those
      attending classes will need to pay their site fee with their registration.

      Advance registration by mail is required, per University of Ithra policy.
      For a catalog of the session and registration form, call Madrone Deputy
      Chancellor Rowenna de Manning, 206-784-7345 or email (see information below)
      or call or email the autocrats below.

      Online sign-up for this session is now operational at
      http://www.liripipe.com/sca/ithra . Instructions for sign-up and fees are on
      the website.

      Registration deadline: Register by May 4 (postmark) and avoid the late fee.
      Checks may be made payable to: SCA, Inc. University of Ithra.

      From the North: Take I-5 southbound to the I-405 exit. Go east on I-405 to
      the exit for Highway 167. Go South on Highway 167. See below.
      From the West: Take Highway 18 to West Valley Highway/167 South exit. Turn
      right at the bottom of the ramp. At the 2nd light, 15th, turn left and make
      an immediate right onto Hwy 167 heading south. See below.
      From the South: Take I-5 northbound to the Highway 512 exit. Go east on
      Hwy 512 until you reach the exit for Hwy 167. Go north on Hwy 167. See
      From Hwy 167: Take the Algona/Pacific exit. This will put you on Ellingson
      Rd. Go east on this road. You will go through several traffic lights.
      After the last traffic light, you will be on a small road, which dead-ends
      after a few blocks. Just before it ends, take a left onto D Street. Go two
      blocks to a stop sign. Turn right; you are now on 37th Street. The middle
      school is up about 2 blocks, on the right.

      Autocrat: Senyora Inés de Santangel (Peggy Dolan-Viney) e-mail:
      Assisting Autocrat: Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol e-mail: lmohr@...
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