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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Regarding Period Music and Bardic stuff

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  • Bob Davis
    ... But, as a percussionist who loves to play for dancers... shimmy, baby, shimmy... ;-) ... Count documentation, but if it s going to be a Bardic Circle,
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 6, 2001
      Jeanne Harney wrote:
      > I'm really glad you guys brought this subject up...I've been following it
      > with great interest, especially since I was just asked to organize a Bardic
      > competition for Baron Wars IV. (NW Ohio's premier camping event, honest)
      > There'll be about 1500 people at the event. It always boils down to "drum
      > and dance" for hours every night, and while that's fun and all, it does not
      > Bardic make!

      But, as a percussionist who loves to play for dancers... shimmy, baby,
      shimmy... ;-)

      > So, after complaining about that I was told to put my money where my mouth
      > was and organize something...and I will have a panel of 3 judges, categories
      > for best individual and group vocal (not singing only, storytelling/playlets
      > are fine as well), best individual and group instrumental, and a judge's
      > choice award. All of a sudden I'm hearing a whole lot of stuff I'd never
      > heard of. Am I counting points on documentation? Awarding points (similar
      > to War points, I guess) for A&S? Stuff like that. I'm still attempting to
      > get my judging criteria together...and period-ness was going to be one of
      > the things that counted, of course.

      Count documentation, but if it's going to be a Bardic Circle, don't ask
      people for hard hand-outs giving chapter and verse of where they got the
      piece. See below...

      > All I have going for me is perfect pitch and a love of all music/theatre.
      > I'm NOT a trained judge. I am getting a bit scared that I may have bitten
      > off more than I can chew if people are looking for official points, etc...I
      > have GOOD prizes available, as every vendor has to donate an item in lieu of
      > a vendor's fee, and there are generally over 50 vendors...

      If you judge by the performer's intro [example: "This is a piece in the
      style of Ventadorn" -- look for through-composed melismatic lines], and
      have good judges, you can probably get away with it without requiring
      significand documentation. Look for judges who excel at period styles.

      My two pence.

      -Robert fitz Thomas
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