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March Crown in the West

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  • maud_de_clayton
    Greetings-- I managed to run out to the Yolo County Fairgrounds and spend part of Saturday at the West s March Crown Tourney. Some impressions; I ll leave it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2002
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      I managed to run out to the Yolo County Fairgrounds and spend part of
      Saturday at the West's March Crown Tourney. Some impressions; I'll
      leave it to others to fill in the details.

      The weather was terribly threatening, but turned out pretty decent.
      Jakob and I saw a funnel cloud on our way up; we kept wondering if
      the Tourney would be called due to tornado. Fortunately, it never got
      to the point of being a tornado, but it was really awesome to watch.
      Other than that, there were a couple of very brief showers, but
      mostly the sun playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. Temperatures
      were in the low 50s, so it gave everybody a chance to wear their wool
      clothes for a change.

      The mud was wretched, and made me very glad we decided to day-trip,
      rather than camp. The ground is clay, and in spite of the grass, it
      quickly turned into a bog. However, it did have one up side--I was
      able to wheedle a promise from Jakob for a pair of pattens for future
      muddy events.

      Encampments seemed to run the gamut from nylon pop-up tents to period
      pavilions; clothes seemed to do the same. I watched a little of the
      fighting, and was struck by how odd it sounds to hear "thunk" rather
      than "clank" when a blow connects; unfortunately, as I am neither a
      fighter nor familiar with people's arms, I really couldn't tell you
      anything about the fighting.

      Had a chance to attend the West Needlework Guild meeting. Good
      turnout and, according to Sabrina de la Bere (Robin Berry), the Guild
      is developing a very good reputation, both inside and outside the
      SCA; the Guild is beginning to be noted in serious research papers
      and connected to needlework history sites by major organizations.

      We didn't stick around for the finals, but from what I discovered
      this morning, Duke Jade of Starfall (aka "The Once and Future King")
      won for Mistress Megan nic Alister (I apologize if I've misspelled
      it). They will be "stepping up" at Beltane, May 4th.

      I'm sure other people will be able to fill in more details; I've got
      some pictures, and I'll try to get them uploaded before the end of
      the week.

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