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Re: Harbelet Opyn

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  • dtjacobson
    ... parsley ... and ... Thanks, Gwen. I ll see if I can whip this up for next weekend s event. Also, if you don t mind posting the other recipe, I d really
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2002
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "_wombat_girl_" <wombat_girl@h...> wrote:
      > Here is that left-over pork recipe I promised Maud!
      > Harblete Opyn (from An Ordinance of Pottage by Constance Hieatt
      > adapting MS Beinecke 163 - middle English recipes)
      > Rough translation:
      > Take a pork butt and chop it up. Boil it enough and then remove all
      > bone or skin. Put the pieces in a bowl. Take hyssop, sage,
      > and chop it fine, and put it in another bowl. Take fat and broth
      > boil it a little. At to that minced dates, cloves, mace,
      > raisins/currants, pine nuts, ginger, saffron and salt. Draw egg
      > yolks through a strainer and mix everything together. Make pie
      > crusts, and bake them a little. Then take them out, and fill them
      > with a dishfull of the mixture. Bake until set and serve them.
      > My quick adaptation:
      > Take cooked chopped up pork, and mix all that stuff with it (sage,
      > hyssop, parsley, fat, dates, cloves, mace, raisins, pine nuts,
      > ginger, saffron, salt and eggs). Put it all in a pre-baked pie
      > crust, and bake until set through.
      > I can post another one later, if this doesn't look like what you'd
      > like to make.... This one is quiche-y, the other more
      > pig/raisin/cheese-y.
      > -Gwen (the suddenly hungry...)

      Thanks, Gwen. I'll see if I can whip this up for next weekend's event.

      Also, if you don't mind posting the other recipe, I'd really
      appreciate it; I've got *lots* of pig left.

      (drowning in a sea of ungraded papers again)
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