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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Period music vs. creativity. (Was: Promoting Authenticity)

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  • Justin Eiler
    On Sat, 03 Mar 2001 00:14:50 -0800 stephen higa ... Yes, some is in modern scales -- and I have done a song or two in Dorian ( Riddles Wisely
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      On Sat, 03 Mar 2001 00:14:50 -0800 "stephen higa"
      <mitsuo@...> writes:
      > >
      > > I'll be the first to admit that I have no great talent for
      > > period music -- non-modern scales and songs do not
      > > "stick in my head" the way that modern music (i.e.,
      > > based on the Ionian ("Major scale") and Aolian
      > > ("minor scale) modes) does.
      > Actually, there is some stuff out there in familiar modes
      > and melody-styles. In fact, I did a troubadour song at a
      > High School demo and the students were surprised that
      > it sounded so "modern" and one even asked me about
      > the scale (it was Ionian) because he'd thought that
      > medieval music would sound stranger.

      <nods> Yes, some is in "modern" scales -- and I have done a song or two
      in Dorian ("Riddles Wisely Expounded" from D'Urfey, and "Twa Corbies" to
      the tune of "Al A'larch" -- both of them OOP, but both a lot of fun). I
      guess the problem is that Dorian, to me, sounds spooky -- it works great
      for "Twa Corbies", but did not, to my mind, "fit" the emotional mood of

      Side note: what specific song did you sing? (And is sheet music
      available. More sheet music! <pant, pant, drool, drool>

      > > And I'll also admit that, to me, most of the
      > > medieval music that I have heard is jarring and discordant.
      > Really? Maybe you've just come across the wrong recordings...

      It's entirely possible. And it also must be noted that I play "middle
      period" -- _Walla Puria_ during the reign of Llewellyn the Great (Wales,
      specifically 1200-1205 c.e.). I'm also looking at the Goliards and the
      Troubadors / Trouveres of that time period, as this is music that would
      (reasonably) have been heard by a relatively well-traveled _bardd_ of
      that time.

      > > I certainly avoid rock-and-roll ballads, and
      > > I will _never_ sing "The Moose Song" at an event.
      > ha ha, thank you for that. :)

      However, I said nothing about e-mail lists.... <evil snicker>

      And that's the other side of things -- I have to admit that I also love
      "SCA Filk." True, it's more appropriate for revels than the "catual"
      event, but I will admit that some rogue who looks suspiciously like me
      has been seen at revels singing "Cold Beer" and "The Ball of Balyknure."
      (But it wasn't me -- it was my evil twin Skippy. <g>)

      > Depending on how expensive the student harp is, it might
      > be worthwhile to just go ahead and purchase a medieval
      > one (whichever style fits your target time period). :)

      I had considered that -- but I am also interested in playing that same
      harp in other venues (I incorporate music in my religious activities, and
      as I said, I filk). True, "sharping levers" are not period, but some of
      the other music that I'm going to be playing requires that kind of
      flexibility. (Plus which, I have no clue whatsoever what changes the harp
      went through in history -- well, I am moderately sure that the strings
      weren't nylon, but you know what I mean <g>.)

      I've seen good "student harps" for about $300-500 USD.

      > > I guess that's what I mean by "reasonable versimilitude." I
      > > do not want to restrict myself to only playing period repetoire,
      > > for to me that would eliminate the "Creative" from SCA --
      > Oooh, now there's an interesting topic that started up a lively
      > debate on the SCA-Arts mailing list. In music, I believe that
      > more creativity goes into performing medieval music than it
      > goes into performing folk or filk songs.
      > Do you do mainly vocal or mainly instrumental stuff?

      Almost entirely vocal -- the only instrument I have any practice with is
      the modern guitar, though I have also been experimenting with a friend's
      harp of late.

      I have more comments, but I'll add them to the "Languages" thread later.

      Justin W. Eiler -- "Veritas Versus Mundi"
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