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  • stephen higa
    Oh, those are simply beautiful! you, sir have a fine hand (and an excellent eye for the medieval style). Yes, I should ve added that we also want things
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 3, 2001
      Oh, those are simply beautiful! you, sir have a fine hand (and an excellent
      eye for the medieval style).

      Yes, I should've added that we also want things you've created in a medieval

      Qu'er non es grazitz lunhs mestiers
      menhs en cort que de belh saber
      de trobar -- qu'auzir e vezer
      hi vol hom mais captenhs leugiers
      e critz mesclatz ab dezonor.

      --Guiraut Riquier, 1292

      >From: Mark Calderwood <mark-c@...>
      >To: Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Photos
      >Date: Thu, Mar 1, 2001, 9:06 PM

      >>Alright everyone, let's post those pics!
      > Ok, Moshe, here's my tuppence ha'penny...I've just uploaded three pics to
      > the files of my most authentic scribal work for those who are interested.
      > The first is a re-created leaf from a book of hours for the hour of Sext,
      > in the style of several French manuscripts of the 1470's, including the
      > Grande Hours of Anne of Brittany (1476) and the Hours of Mary of Burgundy
      > (1477). The leaf measures 9.8 cm x 10.4 cm.
      > The second is an SCA award scroll for a Grant of Arms, based on several
      > early 16th century English documents, including the Letters of Credence of
      > Cardinal Wolsey (1532), and the Election of Francis I to the Order of the
      > Garter (1527), and documents of deed to Beaulieu Abbey (1528). The helm is
      > styled after a woodcut Albrecht Durer (1520), and the Pelican is after
      > design on a carved German box (1525). The hand is Fraktur script based on
      > an example from the Prayerbook of the Emperor Maximilian (1514), and the
      > delicate penwork around is cadel capital is typical of English and German
      > documents of the time. This scan unfortunately does not do the work
      > justice, as it does not pickup the fine detail. The mss mearsures 110cm x
      > 42cm.
      > The third is an award scroll for the Order of the Pelican, based on several
      > Flemish mss of the early 16th century (including the Hastings Hours, 1502)
      > in the distinctive Ghent-Bruges style of illumination, depicting
      > illusionistic flowers and insects on a liquid gold background. Each of the
      > flowers was chosen for it's symbolic meaning according to popular period
      > practice referring to the Flemish spiritual movement called devotio
      > moderna. The mss measures 15.3 cm x 10.5 cm; the letters are 3mm high.
      > These mss were done on archival quality imitation vellum (real vellum is
      > currently unobtainable in Australia), written with carbon ink and quills,
      > illuminated with 23 carat gold leaf and period mineral pigments, basically
      > they were as authentic as I could make them.
      > cheers
      > Giles
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