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Some new pictures

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  • dtjacobson
    At Despina s request (and because I m a sick puppy), I ve uploaded some new pictures to Maud s Photo Album (in the Photos area). Some notes: The Lovely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
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      At Despina's request (and because I'm a sick puppy), I've uploaded
      some new pictures to "Maud's Photo Album" (in the "Photos" area).

      Some notes:

      The Lovely Wolfina is actually Ed "Wolfgang" Covallo, a member of the
      RMS, wearing Hedwig's spare dress. Wolfina did morning progress the
      closing day of this year's Faire in No. California, and received 4
      propositions. Next year: a bum roll (he needs some hips). 8-D

      Ghislaine, when she's not busy with the SCA in Caid, is one of the
      Germans at the Faire in So. California.

      Yes, that's Sir Steven of Norham under the armor, modeling the newest
      version of waffenrock (in red and black checky!). This is a
      prototype; he and Erasmus and planning on making the actual finished
      items out of <delicate shudder> black and yellow. The new waffenrock
      has also led to a new popularity in waffenrocks, especially in
      garish, clashy colors (Jakob's is green and burgundy, with black).

      Finally, me in my other favorite stuff, 16th C. German. 8-)

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