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Fwd: [scribes]: Knowne Worlde Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    Not me, just forwarding the information..... Smiles, Despina
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
      Not me, just forwarding the information..... Smiles, Despina

      >From: "Dawn" <dagian@...>
      >Greetings, one and all!
      >I am forwarding this for Master Iefan, who is coordinating the classes for
      >the upcoming Knowne Worlde Heraldic and Scribal(!) Symposium. Please feel
      >free to contact him directly regarding the classes, or you may respond to me
      >and I will forward it to him.
      >I am sure that all who can make it this June will enjoy the classes, and we
      >are also providing an area for scribes throughout the Knowne Worlde to
      >display their works. I would LOVE to have scribes from all Kingdoms bring
      >the fruits of their labor for all to see (and drool over!).
      >I will be coordinating the displays - I am trying to verify the exact amount
      >of space I have available, etc. and hope to have further details soon. In
      >the meantime, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.
      >In service,
      >HL Madeleine de Somerville
      >Trimarian College of Scribes
      >From: Mark Evans <iefan@...
      >Iain already volunteered so I contacted her separately. However, I'm
      >contacting each of you to see if you'd be interested (or know anyone who
      >would be, ie, share this message as appropriate...)
      >Trimaris will be hosting the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Arts
      >Symposium (KWHSAS) on June 21-23, 2002. Information on the event is
      >available at http://kwhs.org/.
      >As I am coordinating the classes for the event, I am contacting you to see
      >if you'd be willing to teach a class.
      >I have, hopefully, attached an Adobe Acrobat form (obtained from
      >http://kwhs.org/teacherinfo.html) that will facilitate your ability to
      >provide me with the information I need to schedule a class for you to
      >teach. If the form is not attached, I apologize and ask that you use the
      >link, above, to obtain the form.
      >If you would please, if you are interested (and, I hope you are), fill out
      >the form and either mail a printed copy to me (my address is at the bottom
      >of the form and the bottom of this message) or electronically mail a copy
      >to me in response to this message.
      >I humbly request that you send a form within the next three weeks to
      >facilitate my endeavor to get the classes scheduled as soon as
      >possible. However, if you are absolutely unable to send the form within
      >the requested three weeks, I will still accept the form at a later time and
      >schedule your class as soon as I receive the form.
      >Your assistance in submitting the form at the earliest possible time is
      >greatly appreciated. In addition, I greatly thank you for any
      >consideration that you give to teaching a class.
      >In Service,
      > Mark R. Evans
      > 10952 Percheron Drive
      > Jacksonville, Florida 32257
      > voice: 904-260-3237
      > e-mail: iefan@...
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