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Fw: [Authentic_SCA] Ethnic Medieval Music

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  • Kass McGann
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2000
      > > > I have been researching and singing Medieval and Renaissance music
      > > > for a while now and was wondering if any one could help me with
      > > > sources. I am specifically interested in finding out more about
      > > > Jewish, Muslim or other non-Christian festival music. I have found
      > > > modern editions of a couple of 15th century Ladino folk ballads, but
      > > > that's the closest so far. All of the Purim songs I have come across
      > > > are "traditional" and probably not much older than 1900. Looking at
      > > > the posts on the list so far, I was hoping there might be people here
      > > > with some expertise who could help me out.
      > Thanks for having an interest in medieval music! Unfortunately for your
      > search, and to the best of my knowledge, few sources indeed exist which
      > can help you. I am unfamiliar with Jewish or Muslim music of any sort
      > (other than that which exists to this day for dance accompaniment), and
      > sources of western European non-liturgical music are, at least for early-
      > to mid-period music are, shall we say, sparse.
      > If I could, let me ask for more specifics -- what precisely do you mean
      > by "festival music?" Most of the non-liturgical music extant may be
      > loosely described as "festival" music, as it was used in some celebration
      > or other.
      > I hope I can be of assistance,
      > -Robert fitz Thomas
      > =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
      > Robert Davis: Brewer, Historian
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