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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Authentic Middle Eastern (was: hope)

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  • Ariane Helou
    ... haha! That s great! :) ... Wow, that s wonderful, thank you....but, I really like the persona I ve chosen, and have invested so much time in doing
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2001
      At 09:33 AM 2/28/01 , Giles wrote:
      >I've taken to rushing up and covering women so clad with my cloak or
      >bliaut to save them from shame or harm due to their lack of proper attire-
      >they don't get a lecture but they get the message *very* quickly.

      haha! That's great! :)

      >Having gotten that off my chest, there is absolutely no reason why you
      >can't look at a Middle Eastern persona. What time period/ethnic group were
      >you thinking of? The Middle East is a big place and you've got a wide
      >variety to choose from. You could opt for a Christian persona from
      >Byzantium, Outremer (the Levant including Sicily and Cyprus) or Armenia,
      >all of which had distinctive styles of dress and unique social customs. You
      >could also look at Moslem stuff, you could look at a Seljuk, Mamluk,
      >Persian, Ottoman or Arabic persona. You don't have to do the scantily-clad
      >belly dancer routine to do Middle Eastern! I have a heap of sources and
      >documentation you maybe interested in, please feel free to contact me
      >either off-list or on- (if you think people would be interested) to discuss
      >it. You might want to visit my friend Master Timotheos' website
      >www-personal.une.edu.au/~tdawson/Levantia.html (no that's not a typo at the
      >start of the URL), it has sections on various groups including Outremer and
      >Seljuks, and patterns for Seljukid clothing.

      Wow, that's wonderful, thank you....but, I really like the persona I've
      chosen, and have invested so much time in doing research and making garb (I
      just finished this really elaborate gown, brocade and poofy sleeves and the
      whole deal) that I'm in no hurry to change. But if I ever create another
      persona, she will very likely be from the Middle East - and out of the
      categories mentioned above, I would almost certainly pick a Christian from
      the Levant because, as I said, I am very interested in exploring my
      "mundane" roots in that part of the world. (Last summer, I saw some
      examples at a museum - both artifacts and replicas - of period clothing in
      Lebanon. There were court costumes, lots of gold and silver embroidery,
      and some encrusted with jewels. They were astoundingly gorgeous...even the
      simpler, everyday garments were very elegant in style. And the women
      sometimes wore these cone-shaped hats with veils, like the medieval
      European ones, I forget what they're called. Wish I'd been allowed to take
      photos! :) Although after the lectures in this middle eastern studies
      class I'm taking, Persian or pre-Ottoman Turkish sound really attractive too...
      But for now, I will stick with tame old Western Europe :) although I
      purposely picked late-period Italy because of the Near Eastern influence,
      which would have been totally absent farther north. And there are dozens
      of other reasons for the time and location, but I won't bore you all with
      them now :)

      >I hope that helps, hope to hear from you soon!

      Definitely helpful :)

      Mille grazie,

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