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Re: [Authentic_SCA] I went SHOPPING! was From the Ground Up contest?

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  • Jeanne Harney
    ... From: Kass McGann ... is ... I did. It was all gone. So...I felt so bad about that that I went SHOPPING, both on
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2001
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      From: "Kass McGann" <historian@...>
      > > Speaking of which, fabric.com has a 100% linen in a "crisp hand"
      > > dress weight, 58" wide, on clearance for $2.85/yard. And the damned
      > > computer won't let me order any!! It can't seem to figure out if there
      > > really any available yardage. It's kind of an odd color...they call it
      > > pistachio, I'd call it lemon, and I have no idea what it'd really look
      > like,
      > > except that I could dye it if it was horrid.
      > Try calling them on the phone, Jeanne.
      > Kass

      I did. It was all gone. So...I felt so bad about that that I went
      SHOPPING, both on the 'net, and at brick and mortar stores! The little
      Kass-angel should be proud (I hope)
      I bought:
      4 yards of 60" natural linen (REAL linens, both) and
      4 yards of 60" ivory/cream linen - for chemises/undertunics

      5 yards of a lovely lightweight teal wool
      5 yards of a teal/grey wool, though I don't know what the name of the weave
      5 yards of a 100% cotton upholstery fabric in a lovely olive green, very
      soft, but still with body, that I fell in love with for some sort of
      overdressy thing.

      6 yards of a lovely tweedy 100% silk suiting at fabric.com
      6 yards of a white on white linen/cotton damask at fabric.com
      5 yards of a lovely royal blue 100% linen at fabrics-store.com
      5 yards of the "wednesday madness" 60" wool (backed with tricot - huh?) at
      fabrics-store.com (because it was $1.99 a yard, and could always be used for
      cloaks, etc if it's not suitable for anything else in purple, and the same
      in dark green

      And ya know? I've got NO idea what I'm going to do with them!
      BTW, please notice. Other than the bottom $1.99/yard stuff, there are
      almost NO blends. All my wools are all wool. My linens are all linen. And
      now I'm scared of 'em. I'm pitching an entire wardrobe that took me 3 years
      to sew and accumulate, because I want to do my stuff more correctly, and I'm
      fresh out of ideas!.

      I want to make at least one 10-gore dress. The Hrol-ican'tspellit dress.
      I want to make tunics, undertunics, supertunics that can be mixed and
      I want to pitch the renwench stuff.

      I've listened to y'all talking about abusing your fabrics before you cut and
      sew 'em, and of course my mind is now a total blank.

      I've listened to y'all talk about different layering things, and I can't
      remember if a chemise goes under some of the tunic-y stuff or the

      This is terrible. I think I'm overwhelmed with riches...and I have a 4 day
      weekend coming up for Easter, where I can sew and sew and sew.

      Someone gimme ideas!!!

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