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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Eliz. dress

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  • Ariane Helou
    ... Yes! Makes a lot of sense :-) ... Yes, I get it. But I don t have a kirtle, and won t for a while. I hope it won t look too funny to go without it - the
    Message 1 of 44 , Nov 1, 2001
      Gwendoline wrote:
      >Ah. : ) In England, Spain, and France in the latter 16th c. things are
      >mostly constructed in the same fashion. <snip> Do you see what
      >I'm getting at?

      Yes! Makes a lot of sense :-)

      >Most of that stuff can be learned from observation and
      >reading accounts from the time period. Your layers would be: smock,
      >corset, farthingale, shirt (if a second/high necked one is worn - partlets
      >were a lot less common than the average re-enactor thinks...), petticoat
      >(sometimes one was worn under the farthingale in cold weather), kirtle,
      >gown, ropa (if worn). Now there is some flexibility in this order, and it
      >depends if you are wearing a gown over the kirtle or a double over your
      >kirtle instead of a gown, etc... I think you get the idea.

      Yes, I get it. But I don't have a kirtle, and won't for a while. I hope
      it won't look too funny to go without it - the gown, thus, would go
      directly over the corset, petticoat, and farthingale.

      >Does that make any sense?

      Yes, it does, thanks!

      >since the Tudors and Elizabeth weren't monarchs in Italy they wouldn't
      >be Elizabethans - that is specific to the latter half of the 16th c. in
      >England. You would just call it 16th c. Italian.

      OK :-) I do usually do that, but recently I've just gotten lazy and refer
      to it as Elizabethan; it seems that people are more likely to recognize
      what sort of a costume it is when they have a more familiar name attached
      to it. Whatever.

      > >maybe the
      > >ropes will un-twist on their own and I won't have to worry about it?
      > ><keeping fingers crossed>
      >Hmm, have you tried hanging it over night or kind of trying to roll it in
      >the casing? Either might help.

      I tried rolling it, and that seems to work ok. I don't think I have any
      place to hang it...it doesn't fit in the garb closet at any rate. The
      blasted thing is so heavy that i need two or three hangers to support it.

      >Hmm... Off the top of my head I haven't seen different bodices with one
      >possible exception but I believe that one is a jacket (as well as a whole
      >other story...)

      Well, here's one example that shows a bodice different from the
      skirt...then again, the bodice and sleeves match.

      >Anyway, when and where is this from again? Is it possible
      >to use the brocade for sleeves/undersleeves?

      Yes, that would be possible, I think there's enough for either. How
      exactly would undersleeves work? Would I make a fitted sleeve out of the
      brocade, and then a poof of the blue fabric on top of it? Something like
      this, maybe...is that the right idea?
      I have no idea how to construct it (might have a pattern for it, I'd have
      to check). But I think that might look really cool :-)

    • Danielle Nunn-Weinberg
      ... Ah, I know about the ones published in the Lapidary Journal... Doh, why didn t I just suggest checking the back of that... they have a calendar for the
      Message 44 of 44 , Nov 14, 2001
        At 09:08 AM 11/14/2001 -0600, you wrote:
        >At 07:59 AM 11/14/2001 -0500, you wrote:
        >>I didn't know what the gem show market was like down here. You did
        >> > get a good deal by the sound of it!
        >>They happen right in my area (eastern PA) a few times a year. I can't
        >>speak for anywhere else, but I imagine they do happen. Anyone else
        >They happen all over. Gwen, ask Rosie and Wolfie sometime and I'm sure
        >they'll let you know what they know about schedules for these things. I
        >know there are a few in Chicago every year.

        Ah, I know about the ones published in the Lapidary Journal... Doh, why
        didn't I just suggest checking the back of that... they have a calendar for
        the year...

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