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  • Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil
    to not pass on......
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
      to not pass on......

      The Heart of victory

      Competition at hand
      Your time is coming
      You look around but yet you see her not
      You know she is about you can feel her
      Almost time for your round
      You feel the drive slowing
      You feel it waning
      Where can she be, your lady
      Why hasn't she arrived to wish you well?
      You hear the heralds call for your opponent
      The name yelled loud and proud
      The crowd cheers is deafening
      Still no lady at your side
      Still no sight of her
      The time has come you hear your name called
      A sound that is almost mute to you
      The crowd cheers as loud as before
      All waiting to see you perform
      Nothing matters you have to go
      But why has she not come
      Is she safe, is she ok?
      Grabbing your weapons and helm in your arms
      You head to the center of the field
      The drive has stopped
      Your heart is not here
      The adrenaline is gone
      You can't get going
      One more step to the field you stop and glance around
      Still no lady to be found
      You shrug and sigh
      You drop your gear to fit your helm
      You feel this won't be much of a fight
      Over in a few
      One last look but nothing to see
      You reach for your helm and lift it to your head
      At that moment you feel a slight tug to your arm
      You turn to see
      Your muse, your lady
      Over joyed she has arrived, you feel you could cry
      She says but one thing and gives you a kiss
      For on this day you are made King
      As a younger gentle comes by and asks what inspired you
      to make it so far
      To take the prize
      You smile and say, because my lady issued but one command,
      Tig copywrite 2001
      Originaly posted by Lord Iamys (haymish) MacMurray

      It was so priceless I just had to share it. Sarnac Kir is given a
      good luck kiss by his daughter, at the most recent Ealdormere crown
      tourney. It's pictures like this one that remind me why I play this


      The kiss must have truly been one of good luck. He won the tourney.
      Though I'm sure he's not on this list my sincerest congratulations to
      Their Highnesses Sarnac Kir and Joleicia of Litchfield, Crown Prince
      and Princess of Ealdormere.
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