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Re: Accents, was: prohibited authenticity

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  • stephen higa
    ... I m not one! I m not one! You guys, don t think I go around sounding like Speedy Gonzales or anything. It s very subtle. ... LOL! How delightfully
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2001
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      > Sadly, there are a lot of people who do this sort of
      > thing badly.

      I'm not one! I'm not one! You guys, don't think I go around sounding like
      Speedy Gonzales or anything. It's very subtle.

      > In fact, there is a woman on one of the
      > bardic lists who writes her e-mail with what she
      > THINKS is an Irish accent, complete with parenthetical
      > curtseys, smiles, and other gestures. Every time she
      > posts I want to write back: "Do you realize how
      > offensive this is to those of us of Irish descent? My
      > ancestors were not caricatures. Now quit calling me
      > 'love' and go read 'Ulysses' as penance."

      LOL! How delightfully horrid! I remember this one woman with some sort of
      Eastern European persona who wrote like that, substituting v for w, adding
      -nik onto anything of her fancy (i.e. instead of "children" she wrote
      "kidniks"), etc. The guy in our group who is from Russia took offence,
      needless to say. ;)

      Only a voice,
      A dim voice whispers where the shadow of a man
      Visibly lay, but when I looked
      It had vanished--
      This flickering form...
      Like haze over the fields.

      --Seami Motokiyo (1363-1444)

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