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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Leonors, was Re: OT: Names (was Midrealm Coronation)

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  • Jeanne Harney
    ... From: Marianne Perdomo Machin ... the ... to ... between ... Well, it s a personal quirk of mine, but as far as email goes,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 25, 2001
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      From: "Marianne Perdomo Machin" <marianne@...>

      > Greetings from another Leonor!
      > > At Pennsic this year I wandered up to Herald's Point, told them when and
      > > where, and was handed stacks of cool stuff. Found out that Leonor is in
      > > top 10 female names in Spain from 1200-1600, and I was the third person
      > > register it in the Society.
      > Cool! We'll have to reproduce the medieval practice of distinguishing
      > the various Leonor's then. I'm tentaively Leonor MartiĀ“n.

      Well, it's a personal quirk of mine, but as far as email goes, Leonor will
      never EVER post anything. She doesn't know anything about computers, so
      Jeanne handles that part. Other peoples' mileage varies, of course. <G>

      > > Alcon, according to the Heralds, is Medieval
      > > Spanish for Falcon, which I like. And it's easy to
      > > spell/pronounce/remember.
      > Cool! Do you know if it's spelled alternatively with/without h at that
      point or
      > always without? It makes me wonder whether the h was no longer pronounced
      > that time... I should get a good history of the language one of these
      days, I
      > suppose!

      The 2 cites I used in documentation did NOT have the H. I've been working a
      little bit with medieval Spanish, and there are a LOT of things different,
      of course, but it's extremely interesting. Are you a member of the Medieval
      Spain e-list at Yahoo? It's a fairly low-volume list, but there is a ton of
      info in the files, and there are some extremely helpful and knowledgeable
      people as well.

      > > The 2 people who signed off on my name/device this year were the
      > > Laurel Queen of Arms and an extremely high-ranking Midrealm Herald.
      > > pretty much told me there wasn't any way that they wouldn't pass...
      > :) Congratulations! What was the device?

      In English, because I don't have the proper herald-speak in front of me,
      it's a per chevron field, green on the top with 2 popinjays in white on it,
      with the bottom/chevron white with a green popinjay on it. Simple, elegant,
      and luckily no conflicts!

      > She's far from Romany but do you know Leonor Lopez de Cordoba? We talked
      > her a couple of months ago. Hers seems to be the oldest surviving memoirs
      in the
      > Spanish language IIRC. I haven't had much luck in tracking the text here
      > Spain) but it seems she's kind of popular in women's studies departments
      and the
      > like.
      > This page gives some excerpts and bibliography.
      > http://www.roanoke.infi.net/~ddisse/cordoba.html

      I didn't. I'll definitely check it out! Thank you.

      > If you find anything, especially something with the original text, I'd
      love to
      > know!! She sure sounds like she had an interesting life! and she's almost
      > contemporary...

      I decided at Pennsic (Despina helped me) that the entire country ran around
      naked and did NOTHING for the roughly 75 years of Leonor's (tentative)
      life. There are virtually NO pictures which aren't allegorical. There is
      virtually NO writing that's survived. They must have all slept like Rip Van

      who does have some interesting historical fiction leads, both in English
      and Spanish, not for documentation, but for getting the "flavor" of the
      period. Let me know privately if you'd be interested in the sources.
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