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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... Well, actually, Monsieur is a literal translation of my lord. Therefor, monsieur is the functional equivalent of milord .... ... I think it is, isn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2001
      atterlep@... wrote:

      > I don't know a lot about French titles, but perhaps "Monsieur" is a better
      > equivalent to the SCA "Lord" than the English "Lord" is (if that makes sense).

      Well, actually, Monsieur is a literal translation of "my lord." Therefor, "monsieur" is the functional equivalent of "milord"....

      > It seems to me that since we're using English titles, we should base them on the English system. I would strongly argue that the "translations" of titles should be based on relative rank rather than the words used. So
      > perhaps the appropriate French title for AoA is "Sieur."

      I think it is, isn't it? or do we use signeur?

      > And yes, I realize that "Master" is completely inappropriate as a reserved title; I was proposing a system that compromised between the SCA and historical English uses.

      This is part of the problem; there are lots of possible solutions, and there are many different proposals.

      Outside of the official rule structure we have a chaos of conflicting ideas and suggestions.

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