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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Scottish garb

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  • Kass McGann
    ... he ... that s ... Yes it is! THAT is why I do this... Kass
    Message 1 of 21 , Apr 3, 2001
      > Excellently put! there was this lady on SCA-Arts list who was an
      > illuminator. She was at a manuscript convention of some sorts, and one
      > exhibitor had a manuscript she found particularly interesting. She picked
      > it up and was examining it from the side to see just how high they had
      > spread the gesso. The owner of the booth came up and was curious what she
      > was doing. They ended up in a long conversation which continued over
      > dinner. He said that he had learned more from a few hours with her than
      > had from years of talking to scholars and experts. She replied that
      > because she actually DID them, not just studied them.
      > Isn't that wonderful?? :)

      Yes it is! THAT is why I do this...

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