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977Re: [Authentic_SCA] Dragging them into the light and more

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  • caoilte
    Mar 31, 2001
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      Try this URL. It isn't clear enough to take patterns from, but it is
      helpful. http://omni.cc.purdue.edu/~wtv/tibet/clothes.html

      This one has cool links. including the preceding page.

      I will keep looking.


      Sajah bint Ibrahim wrote:

      > I am trying to "entice" my household to be more
      > authentic. To that end, I have always set up our
      > pavilion(s) as authentically as possible, tried to
      > remain in persona as much as possible (extremely
      > difficult when your household doesn't follow suit!),
      > and tried to maintain an "enchanted ground" within a
      > certain radius of my "personal space".
      > In the past two tourney seasons, this has resulted in:
      > 5 more period pavilions
      > people trying to keep mundane stuff out of sight a
      > *lot* more
      > fighters coming up to me and telling me "Hey, Sajah -
      > I was dinking around on the web the other day, and I
      > found out that it was *period* for my persona to fight
      > with spears!!" - when that is their weapon of choice.
      > fighters actually wearing *garb*, and not just a
      > ripped up t-tunic over a pair of sweats
      > folks actually gathering for mealtimes with feastgear,
      > 'cause when I cook, I don't let 'em use paper
      > one of our household members deciding to try for
      > sargeantry, because "this research stuff is *cool*!!"
      > Does anyone have any suggestions for bringing the rest
      > of the household "into the light"?? I am not the head
      > of the house, and don't wanna scare them with too much
      > at once. The fact that my husband *still* refuses to
      > cooperate too much doesn't help. It doesn't matter
      > what I make him to wear, if it isn't *GREEN* (think
      > John Deere Green - That is the color of his sheild,
      > and most of his garb) he won't wear it. *sigh*
      > Also, does anyone know if a Mongolian del pattern
      > would be acceptable as a starting point for Tibetan
      > garb? I really need to get started on this, but I am
      > one who has a very hard time trying to extrapolate a
      > pattern from a small photo or line drawing (which is
      > all I have been able to find on Tibet).
      > AAARRRGGGHHH!! I was going to direct people to a
      > specific website I found, but I lost the bookmark!! It
      > had around 80 different pics of Tibetan garb, but no
      > real timeframe for them. If *ANYONE* knows or
      > recognises this website description, PLEASE forward me
      > the web addy!! (I know I am shouting, but I can't
      > believe I did this! I was just deleting a bunch of
      > old bookmarks, and this one must have snuck in. Bad
      > bookmark!!)
      > So. I now go back to frantically hunting the web.
      > Any help on household integration or Tibetan pattern
      > alteration is helpful.
      > Sajah the as yet unnamed Tibetan
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