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9081Re: Good Morning...

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  • rowengr@hotmail.com
    Jul 2, 2001
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., historian@r... wrote:
      > > Repeat the mantra: it cools down at night, it cools down at night,
      > it
      > > cools down at night...............
      > It still sounds like: I'll be able to sleep, I'll be able to sleep,
      > I'll be able to sleep... ;)

      Uh-huh. I got the dining table all cleared off this morning (mail,
      etc, tends to accumulate there) in anticipation of some cutting-out,
      and had the evaporative-cooler fan blowing in the window next to it,
      and when I turned around there were two cats sprawled on the cloth. I
      expect they're all three up there in front of the fan by now, and I
      can't say I blame them.

      > > Linen tunica, linen stolla, linen palla.... unless I get a wild
      > hare
      > > and finish up the new linen bodice & sleeves.
      > I bet you looked lovely! And felt good too.

      Well, hope so - that's the lot for next weekend. I'm actually
      wondering if I might be cooler if I made the palla from some thin
      wool? The idea of getting *near* wool sounds horrendous, but I keep
      recalling the extensive use of wool in desert-climate ethnic clothing,
      and wondering...

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