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  • s_krasley@recordtrak.com
    Jun 1, 2001
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      > I think at one time or another most of us have had teachers like

      LAst year near the end of school, the history teacher desided to show
      "Braveheart". My Daughter who was a senior, wound up teaching the
      class showing them all of the historical as well as costuming
      mistakes that had been made in the movie.
      When the teacher asked her how she knew all of this, she nicely said
      "my mom and all of her books".

      Oh this is the same girl that got one of her teachers to quit.
      The women was teaching English. They were doing "Antigone".
      The teacher pronounced it AN-TEE-GONE, Jill kept correcting her.
      However when the teacher asked her how did she know, Jill's answer
      was, one of her gerbils is named AN-TIG-O-NE. And that she'd already
      read all the plays. Jill had a perverse delight in proving that
      particular teacher wrong at every turn.
      - Brynn
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