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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Ariane Helou wrote:

      > Effingham wrote:
      > >Did he say "joot" or "yoot"? <g>
      > "Joot." Does that make him thoroughly uncouth? :)

      A bit, yes. <G>

      > >Didn't anyone think to look at a dictionary? Didn't your teacher even think of
      > >that?
      > Well, I have to admit the thought crossed my mind, but my dictionaries are
      > in the boxes and boxes of stuff that are in the keeping of my very obliging
      > boyfriend until I move into my new place (and therefore inaccessible). And
      > yeah, the libraries and computers would be good resources too, but still,
      > the teacher didn't think of it and no one else in the class seemed to
      > care. But I do agree that most teachers would have immediately suggested
      > checking a dictionary. This one's a little...well...not the best I've ever
      > had :( Today he spent half an hour trying to get the class to understand a
      > very simple concept which most profs. could explain much more lucidly in
      > half that time...

      I think at one time or another most of us have had teachers like that.

      I still remember my 9th grade history teacher who talked of people dying for their
      cause as "martee-ars" ("martyrs" I assume), and referring to a Rev War battle site
      as Fort "TickenderAHgah" (Oh, you mean "Tye-kon-der-OH-gah?") and had as one
      question on a test, "What year did the United States become independent from
      England?" I put down 1783, the year the treaty was signed. She marked it wrong,
      and said the correct answer was 1776. I pointed out that that was when the
      *Declaration* of Independence was written, and that *declaring* independence and
      *being* independent were two different things, yada yada yada. SHe called the
      principal, and when he heard what it was all about, told her I was right and she
      was wrong. When I watch "Boston Public," that teacher with the mental problem (the
      lady who keeps going off her meds) reminds me of her in *so* many ways.

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