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6857Period cures for maladies (was: Re: French byname)

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  • s_krasley@recordtrak.com
    Jun 1, 2001
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      > --- s_krasley@r... wrote:
      > >
      > > Looking over some of these cures, I'm amased they
      > > the human species actually survived to make it to
      > > the 21st century.
      > I'm not. I've seen too many people fall for the old
      > "Ewww. Here, taste this. It's awful!"

      I guess it really is a case of if it doesn't kill you then it can
      only make you stronger. Natural selection?

      > > Sure lets just rub Mercury on ourselves...and while
      > > we are at it lets ingest some arsenic for good
      > > measure...also do not forget your favorite saints
      > > medal just incase the "Cure" doesn't work.
      > Mom's been an RN since 1953, however, that never
      > stopped her from wearing medals, lighting candles and
      > dousing the entire family with Lourdes water when one
      > of us was sick. Just in case.
      > Jehanne

      I'm not one for prayers, but I do think that the human mind can do
      wonders to heal it's body. If medals, prayer, holy water serve as a
      way to focus that energy all the better. Still I think I'll leave out
      the mercury and arsenic in any ancient reciepe.
      - Brynn
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