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  • Marguerite fitz William
    Mar 4, 2014
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      Actually it’s not hard to carry on a conversation without using blatantly modern terminology. I have been sponsoring a series of Persona Luncheons. Everyone brings a dish that they would have eaten and we visit. Our usual group consists of a 10th century Saxon lady, a 12th century Norman-Welsh lady, a 13th century Scottish lady, and two ladies from 16th century Poland.

      We have discussed our families, our pets, our cultures and the nude paintings and sculptures in Rome (that was a lively talk).

      I am a certifiable persona geek (I have completed two major persona challenges) I would love to camp in an “enchanted circle” but have a son who loves the SCA, but isn’t willing to delve too deeply into persona. We are however getting ready to invest in a period pavilion (he does love period camping).

      Marguerite fitz William, JdL
      Courtier to His Excellency Steinolf of Aquaterra
      Veneur & Swan

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      The first, and the hardest thing, I've found, is to keep myself from talking about modern stuff. We're so used to saying words like "text" and "computer" and talking about our jobs that they tend to just slip out.


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