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59247Re: [Authentic_SCA] RE: Hello?

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  • Dee Cadoret
    Mar 4, 2014
      > Yes! How to "stay in character" at events, and how to encourage others
      > to do so. Frankly, it's been *years* since I've been to anything that
      > wasn't a "fancy dress camp-out/feast". Also, hints and sources for
      > daily life for a Muslim in either the central Mediterranean or Central
      > Asia regions. And, truth to tell, just any chatter about authenticity
      > would be great to read and respond to. :-) ~~Basil

      Ealdormere, at least the events I have attended, pretty much has the
      same problem. I have tried to "speak" in persona while running my
      merchants booth but I find it hard to maintain and the people I am
      speaking to lose interest pretty quickly. My spouse is much better at it
      but I think it is the practice he has done in writing. For a full year
      he wrote all letters to me in "speak". It seems to come to him much
      more readily than to me.

      We have an event coming up in June this year where we are advertising
      prizes for the person who stays in persona the longest and the best. The
      judges are anonymous and will give out tokens to those who are in
      persona. It isn't a requirement but there is a cookie if someone can
      manage it. The cookie being a hand made necklace.
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