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  • brangwayna
    Mar 4, 2014
      The first, and the hardest thing, I've found, is to keep myself from talking about modern stuff.  We're so used to saying words like "text" and "computer" and talking about our jobs that they tend to just slip out. 
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      On 3/3/2014 5:37 PM, bronwynmgn@... wrote:
      > We (meaning me and my husband and some like-minded friends who usually camp next
      > to/hang out with each other) have been known to "enchant" our personal camping area or
      > dayshade area at events, and folks seem to like to come and sit with us for short
      > periods. We don't limit ourselves to Elizabethan English (which would be just as
      > inauthentic as modern English considering we are dealing with a 12th century English
      > woman, a 13th century Spanish woman and two 14th century Scots...) but we do go to
      > period topics only. Our Pennsic encampment is also mostly enchanted - no modern stuff
      > visible outside tents (or preferably inside if the tent is open), and we try to limit
      > modern topics of conversatin as much as possible. The only "free item" is modern
      > books, as we are all bibliofiles and constantly sharing research with each other.
      > Brangwayna Morgan Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom Lancaster, PA

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      > Something that I miss in my current kingdom is a lack of interest in what elsewhere is
      > called "Enchanted Circles": while you are within the clearly marked bounds, you are
      > expected to limit speech to Elizabethan English and topics known to period personas. To
      > my way of thinking, such activity inspires authenticity. Agree? Disagree? Colm Dubh
      > ---- Dee Cadoret <kitaye@... <mailto:kitaye@...>>; wrote:

      I would *love* to have Enchanted Ground at an event! (Yes, I've read up on them, I know
      what it involves). However, here in An Tir, there seems to be zero interest in such a
      thing, or in authentically *acting the part* or one's persona. Talk about personas, sure;
      *_BE_* one's persona, nope.

      I'd try setting up an Enchanted Ground myself, except for two things: first, my tent and
      equipment is mostly screamingly modern, and two, I'm too much the coward. I'm also just
      not the "take the lead" type; I can be a good and helpful follower, but if I try to lead I
      second guess myself too much, as well as being to rigid and thus driving people off.

      What I'm looking for is hints and help on *me* staying in character, and how to do so in
      ways that encourage others to give it a try. IOW, something less formal, less insistent,
      than Enchanted Ground.

      I hope to hear more from you all! :-)

      ~~Basil Dragonstrike

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      Ah, but I was so much older then; I'm younger than that, now. -- Bob Dylan

      Erō mītis cum sim mortuus.

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