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59202RE: [Authentic_SCA] Table Linens

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  • Kammy Chinnock
    Apr 3, 2013
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      Thank you all for the helpful hints about table cloths! That has saved me
      researching authentic designs for decorating them! I can just spend my time
      hand hemming them!

      Kammy Chinnock

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      Yes, it's very disappointing to the embroidery-minded that the "best" table
      linens were usually quite plain ;)

      The quality of the linen and, sometimes, the elegance of a woven-in design
      were apparently the things that mattered most for social status.

      On Apr 1, 2013, at 7:26 AM, Laurie Clarkston wrote:

      > Kammy,
      > As far as decorating go, the linen tablecloths would have very little in
      the way of decorated items. It would be the plates, cups, silverware, and
      candlesticks--you will see this in some of the pictures Karen sent you.
      > As far as decorations go: If the house/castle/manor were having important
      guests, enough to bring out the bright-white linens, they would also have a
      sideboard or table displaying all of their silver plate and/or gold plates
      (platters, plates, bowls, candlesticks, pitchers, etc...) lined up to show
      > A lot of wealth would have been in plates, platters, and other objects and
      not used other than to display before important guest. It would be placed
      out in a noted location (much like putting a collection of family pictures
      on the fireplace mantle, or on the piano for display--that we do today).
      > If they fell on harder times, these items would be sold off, or melted
      down and exchanged for coin or goods, since "banking" was not around then,
      and having a bag of coins was not always a good thing to keep around, let
      alone display...grin.
      > Cairistiona


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