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59180Embroidered hoods?

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  • Kareina Talvi Tytär
    Dec 2, 2012

      I have been assembling myself a black wool hood fully lined in fur (from a
      (probably) mink coat I found at a second hand store).

      Since I live in Frostheim (Luleå, Norrbotten, Sweden) I will be using it on
      cold days to walk to and from work. Therefore I am now considering adding
      some sort of white and silver metallic embroidery so that it will be a bit
      reflective in headlights and so safer to wear on our dark winter days.

      However, I will aslo want to use it at SCA events, therefore any embroidery
      added needs to be appropriate to somewhere and somewhen in our period. I
      have certainly seen many people at events over the years wearing hoods with
      embroidery on them, but I have no idea from which century(ies) or
      culture(s) those hoods come from.

      When next I am on a better connection than my phone I plan to do a search
      to see what I can find on line in the way of period examples of embroidered
      hoods. However, knowing how easy it is to forget what I had planed to
      search for I thought I would ask here as well.

      Do any of you know of any nice examples of embroidered hoods in period?
      From where/when? Any and all suggestions of urls to check out when I am
      properly on line again will be appreciated, in part because the email
      waiting in my in box will remind me to go looking.


      Feeling flexible as to time and place today.

      Mobile Phone: +46 72-539 07 76

      http://www.facebook.com/reia. chmielowski
      http://ltu-se.academia.edu/ReiaChmielowski ******************************

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