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59157OT: Need Viking Actors/gear for historrically accurate movie in Seattle, WA.

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  • karaagnarsdottir
    Sep 30, 2012
      I apologize for the off-topic post; but I am hoping to find people interested in helping with a feature film about the Vikings in which they are portrayed as close to historically accurate as possible. Please feel free to share this email with anyone who you think may be interested in helping with this project...

      I have been asked by a friend of mine who is an experienced movie producer to find some interested norse people to take part in an independent movie project in the coming weeks/months. We are seeking those with Viking age norse looks & garb/armor/kits who would like to take part in actual roles within the movie as well as those who are willing to donate and/or loan their time and/or gear to the project in order to produce a historically accurate portrayal of the viking age norse in this project. If you hava any questions or would like to volunteer; please message me or email me at kd@...

      As it stands we are just kicking into gear and still working on scripting but hope to begin shooting ASAP which will likely be 1-2 months out. This is expected to be a long (8-10 hour) feature and may require a commitment from those who are cast.

      We do need people to grow their hair out in order to naturally fit their roles and fit within Viking Age norse grooming standards which may include leg hair, arm hair, arm pit hair, and facial hair as is necessary for your role(s) should you be cast.

      If you are still interested, please respond with answers to ALL of the following questions:

      1.) Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)? If so, When? If not; That's okay!
      2.) What kind of commitment(s) can you make to the project?
      2a.) What can you commit in terms of time?
      2b.) What can you commit in terms of equipment/garb/props?
      2c.) Will you require any outfitting? (Such as Garb, props and/or armor?)
      3.) Would you like to donate to the project? If so What? (Such as Equipment, garb, props, and/or money?)
      4.) Do you have any concerns and or questions that you would like to be addressed?
      5.)Please Provide the following contact Information:

      Full Name (Mundane):
      Persona Name:
      Email Address:
      Mobile Phone:
      Home Phone:
      Any other RELIABLE way to contact you?

      Again Thanks so much for your interest!
      ~KD Shimomura -AKA- Kára Agnarsdottir