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  • Linda Larson
    Sep 10, 2012
      At present we raise sheep that are a cross of Wiltshire Horn and Gulf Coast native, in an attempt to approximate the sheep that the English were raising in the 16th century.  During that period, they were introducing Spanish sheep into their flocks to improve the quality of wool.  The GCN is an ancestor of the Merino.

      We also keep dairy Goats.  I have looked into San Clemente Island goats and Arapaho (sp?) which are the ones that are at Plimoth Plantation, but they do not give much milk compared to modern breeds.  My Saanen goats look like the many white goats I see in period illustrations and give me enough goat milk to provide for many cheesemaking experiments.

      I have raised dorkings and loved them.  Lately I have been raising whatever hens I can buy at the local feed store, but a raccoon wiped out our entire flock last
      June so I am waiting for next Spring and think I'll order heritage birds from MacMurray.  If there are no chickens here for a while maybe the raccoon will go elsewhere.

      I am in AEthelmearc.  Where is your farm?


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