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59120RE: [Authentic_SCA] 14th Century Bra Kind of Found in Austrian Castle

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  • Sigrid Briansdotter
    Jul 17, 2012
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      >So they found a pair of ladies undies as well, it is a good read but I am waiting for the University information


      >Mind the wrap!


      The brief article we are seeing in the Daily Mail seems to coincide with
      the August issue of the "BBC History Magazine" hitting the stands
      today. Beatriz Nutz told me that she wrote an article (that is coming
      out in this particular issue) that "will contain images of two of the
      “bras” and the underpants (no patterns). As [she] wrote it for a popular
      audience there´s not much in the way of description of the artifacts to
      satisfy a scientific mind but it discusses the social acceptance of
      female underwear in the 15th and 16th century with quotes from some
      contemporary written sources on the topic." http://www.historyextra.com/blog/august-issue-out-now-0 Looks like one can get a Kindle version of this issue off Amazon.

      wrote the BBC History Magazine article because the article she wrote on
      the Lengberg finds for a special "thématiques" issue of the French
      magazine “Histoire et Images Medievales” was being delayed in
      publication. Unfortunately for me the magazine is having her article
      translated into French. The article will "include images of three of the
      "bras", the underpants, shirt fragments, dress fragments and even some
      shoes." Beatrix just sent me a note that it is expected to be out on
      August 16th.

      Even more exciting... she says: "Something else to
      look forward to: There´s going to be a press release and public
      presentation of the Lengberg underwear at Lengberg Castle itself end of
      September (21st to 22nd). [She's] currently working on a booklet to be
      published for this event which will contain not only images of the finds
      but also patterns – plus it will be in German and English." The publication of the booklet has yet to be funded but, more details to follow about when and where we can order it once it has been published.

      was actually lucky enough to be able to have gone to NESAT XI in May of
      2011 when Beatrix Nutz presented on the 15th century bras. I really
      enjoyed her presentation at NESAT XI and even more so the gatherings
      after the days presentations where we took over the local open air cafe and discussed ancient textiles (many of the participants were
      staying in the same hotel). She brought out the pictures and we all got
      to chat about them for a couple of days before her actual presentation
      (as well as other various textiles and projects). I'm guessing that is
      why I remember so much more of it than some of the others. Publication
      of the NESAT XI proceedings is supposed to be later this year but I
      haven't heard any specifics as to when. http://www.nesat.org/m2/volume.html

      presenting at NESAT XI, she has presented at other conferences.
      Upcoming, she will be presenting at the Autumn Meeting of The Medieval
      Dress and Textile Society on October 27th, 2012.http://www.medats.org.uk/events/

      The Universität Innsbruck Forschungs project page on the Medieval Textiles found in the Lengberg Castle can be found at http://www.uibk.ac.at/urgeschichte/projekte_forschung/textilien-lengberg/forschungsprojekt-ma-textilien-lengberg.html
      It has links to some of the earlier press releases.

      Sigrid Briansdotter
      Anne Decker

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