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59102Re: How did people hold their pens?

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  • Ylaire Sainte Claire
    Jul 7, 2012
      Actually, this is a knife. This knife is held against the vellum while writing. A Pennsic, stop by guild Mirandola and talk to Ranthufr (Randy Asplund) about holding the pen and knife. He actually uses period tools, made by himself, and period grips. http://www.randyasplund.com/ his web page. A link of him holding both the pen and the knife. I believe the knife helps to hold the paper still without making smudges of oils (oils that could keep the ink from laying right) and to use as a guide of where to put the letter (like a kindergartner using a pointer finger on a line of text they are concentrating on writing). http://www.randyasplund.com/pages/article/schiff1.html

      He is an excellent source of information on authentic scribal tools, methods, paints, everything. He usually teaches a class or two at Pennsic in the Guild Mirandola tent. Also, there is an SCA Scribes and Illuminators yahoogroup where you might find others knowledgable on this subject.

      Ylaire Sainte Claire
      Shire of Sylvan Glen, Æthelmearc

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