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  • Elizabeth W
    Jun 26, 2012
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      1. What is your persona's name?
      a. Elizabeth Beaumont

      2. What time period is your persona from?
      a. The year is 1530, there are rumours flying about regarding the King
      (Henry VIII) wishing to put aside his wife Catherine, but most I speak
      to hope it will come to naught.

      3. What land/continent?
      a. We live in the north of England not far from Sheffield

      4. What did your persona do on a day-to-day basis? His/her interests?
      a. I assist my husband* in managing his estate primarily by managing
      our household. My needlework skills are functional rather than
      decorative and I enjoy music, though I do not play an instrument.

      5. What is her/his social standing?
      a. We are members of the gentry class, whilst our living is nowhere
      near as fine as our neighbour, the Earl of Shrewsbury, my Husband
      holds sufficient land that we are comfortable and employ a few
      servants. We can keep a good table and often entertain out neighbours.
      We have sufficient income that we are able to weather a poor harvest
      or two with only a little more economy than usual.

      6. Family?
      a. My husband and I live far from both our parents and do not see them
      often, though we do, of course, send letters regularly. We have, as
      yet, no children.

      7. What clothing did he/she wear and what materials where they made out of?
      a. I do enjoy fine clothing and even have some items made of silk,
      though on an everyday basis I wear wool (over a linen shift of
      course). Before my marriage I was a lady in waiting to the Countess of
      Worcester and periodically received some of her cast off clothing,
      which, naturally, was of a much finer standard than my husband can now
      afford. I try to be careful in my use of these fine fabrics I received
      during my employment as well as the fine gift of cloth my mistress
      gave me as a wedding gift, as I know there will be no more of such
      fine quality.

      *One point where my persona and I diverge, in real life we will not be
      married until next year, but under period laws the fact that we have
      made a promise to marry and are living together means our marriage is
      as valid as if we had said formal vows in front of a priest and
      hundreds of witnesses (witnesses are a useful in case of any later
      dispute but not legally required under English law until the 18th

      On 6/22/12, Jamie Sue Bennett <jayzucat@...> wrote:
      > Greetings to all,
      > First of all, thank you so much to those who have already offered
      > their information to this project, you all are amazing. Below is a
      > questionnaire that will help to better explain the information we are
      > looking for. You are all amazing. Thanks so much!
      > 1}What is your persona's name?
      > 2}What time period is your persona from?
      > 3}What land/continent?
      > 4} What did your persona do on a day-to-day basis? His/her interests?
      > 5}What is her/his social standing?
      > 6}Family?
      > 7}what clothing did he/she wear and what materials where they made out
      > of?
      > Deepest appreciation. ~asha~
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      Elizabeth Walpole
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