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59060On RV camping, was Re: Authenticity good-- so how to hide the RV?

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  • annakaiara
    Jun 14, 2012
      Hubby and I have been discussing and he wants to keep a large portion simply open. I think I could use a trunk of fabrics to drape inside to help with period, I also think a lot of it will end up "rustic" which will fit right into my own persona. One of the cool things about Byzantine era is that they wore their wealth more than lived with it. Fabrics were everywhere, but the furniture even in the Emperor's palaces was generally simple in design. The wealth showed more in the fabrics used in decorating so the simple trunk would be more richly draped by the wealthy and more simply draped or not draped at all by the average joe.

      So just by hauling into the RV chairs and trunks like I'd put in a tent when doing period, I'll get a quick transformation.

      Ratiri, be sure to share what you find works well! :)

      Ann of Wellborn, called forgetful

      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "MITCHELL J BARTON" <rondoval@...> wrote: I will have to think of things that could be done to make it more period inside that can be removed like bedding and window coverings. Thanks for the ideas
      > Ratiri in Atenveldt
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