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59057Re: [Authentic_SCA] On RV camping, was Re: Authenticity good-- so how to hide the RV?

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  • Katherine Throckmorton
    Jun 7, 2012
      In that case, it might be better to focus on interior, rather than exterior
      accuracy. As other posters pointed out, its likely that you'd need to park
      your RV in the parking lot, or in RV parking, so even if you made a cover
      for it, the ambiance outside of the RV would be lacking. But if you're
      already looking at doing a gut-remodel, it might be worthwhile to do the
      inside in as period a style as possible, so that once you go inside, you
      seem to be inside a snug medieval house. Sort of like how we often have
      events at modern churches and schools, but do our best to decorate the
      interiors to be less glaringly modern.


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