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59049On RV camping, was Re: Authenticity good-- so how to hide the RV?

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  • LJonthebay
    Jun 2 5:52 PM
      As the SCA ages, RV camping has become more prevalent. Some folks have medical needs or just plain shouldn't be sleeping on pallets in tents under adverse conditions.

      At the camping events I attend, motor vehicles of any kind are only allowed into camp for unloading and unloading and should otherwise be kept in the designated parking area. At larger events, there's usually an area designated for RVs to pitch camp.

      Before you go to the trouble/time/expense of upholstering the exterior of your RV, what are the rules for RVs at the events you're likely to attend? I suspect your time, skills and hobby money would be better spent on other things.

      Two sen worth,
      Saionji no Hana, West Kingdom
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