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  • Susanne Hibbert
    Jun 1, 2012
      My bad......that is the correct title. I've over forty-five years of collecting costuming book in different languages.

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      I may be disremembering the exact title, but I believe there is a book
      out called "The Tudor Tailor" which covers the earlier Henrican stuff.
      It got good reviews, as I recall.

      > Both of these sources are perfect for "early Tudor". Much simpler than
      > later Tudor. I think a headdress is so important to carry off the
      > impression....there are other headdresses besides a gable. A beginner
      > might have problems with fitting. The patterns available are of little
      > help, getting in some millinery time is useful. The Tudors Apprentice
      > has references that are better than most and show how to manage the
      > hair that keeps the gable in place. You might get a look at that as a
      > start.
      > Susana
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      > Hello!
      > I would suggest the Period Pattern No. 51.
      > http://stores.renstore.com/-strse-283/Early-Tudor-Patterns-for/Detail.bok
      > However,t here are several other patterns out there that are easy to
      > tailor or work well as is for the early Tudor dress.
      > http://www.kimiko1.com/research-16th/TudorWomen/index.html
      > The website above should help you with documentation. She has provided
      > a lot of illuminations and portraits from that era.
      > Sincerely,
      > Isabella
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      > > Hello all,
      > > My mother has decided (finally) on a time period unfortunately its
      > pretty narrow and not one I'm at all familiar with. Its 1480s-1510s,
      > so basically Henry VII's rein. She likes the early style gable hood
      > and dress style Elizabeth of York is portrayed in. Can anyone help me
      > with documentation? Its not for a competition or anything but I want
      > to get it right.
      > >
      > > Thanks, Sarah
      > >
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