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59024Authenticity good-- so how to hide the RV?

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  • Ann Seeton
    Jun 1, 2012
      I love authenticity. My shelves are full of books written by scholars of my
      period of greatest interest, and lots for earlier periods to gain
      background for my period, and then some materials for other periods and
      places that interest me.

      I'm striving for @ 1000AD in my persona and clothing. I'm still working on
      where her family's estates are located, but she tended the family's house
      in Constantinople and got her education through her brothers who were
      studying there. (yup, I have managed to get a book on the city of
      Constaninople so I can learn about the city walls and the layout of the
      city, and stuff like that to fill in her story with details that help me
      feel like I can "be" her.

      I'm slow, have only one nice linen tunic in blue with yellow decorative
      stitching around the wrists and neck. I'm looking into jewelry making so I
      can copy some period/place stuff to wear. Been looking at cultured pearls
      for sewing onto a tunic I plan to make fancy.

      I purchased silk in a twill. The books by Muthesius helped with that
      choice. Mine is undyed because it was cheap enough, so I can wash and
      shrink the yardage, then dye it. Have considered a blue and a red. This
      is the tunic, when made, I plan to sew pearls onto and to decorate with
      gold colored thread embroidery. The intent is for this to be very very
      fancy. No rush, I have the linen to wear for now.

      My main problem is that I like authenticity but hate tents. I own a huge
      white RV. I want to do something with it to make it less offensive. I
      thought about painting it up like a gypsy wagon but those are really not
      period, cool and old fashioned as they appear. I considered painting it to
      look like a sleeping dragon with a sign, "enchanted dragon please do not
      disturb" and make it funny. I thought about giving it black beams and
      making it look tudor, but that doesn't fit with the persona.

      I suspect the best thing I can do is have a tent in the camp for the day
      and sleep in the parking area.

      Any ideas for how I might make it less offensively modern?

      Ann of Wellborn, called Forgetful

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