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59021Re: [Authentic_SCA] Early Tudor Costume

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  • Elizabeth W
    May 24, 2012
      The Tudor Tailor group has recently published a book on this period
      'The Queen's Servants: Gentlewomen's dress at the accession of Henry VIII'
      It's focussed on the later end of your goal period (as Henry VIII took
      the throne in 1509) but it's definitely a good resource to have on
      hand if you want to continue with this period. It doesn't cover all
      classes, only the gentry class and above as it's based on information
      from the Royal Wardrobe accounts and the only women given an official
      place at court were there as companion to the female members of the
      Royal family (the dirty practical work like washing, cooking etc. was
      all done by men)
      Also if you don't like the thought of scaling up patterns from the
      book they do have full size patterns for sale on their website.


      On 5/25/12, ssd0231 <sstoval3@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > My mother has decided (finally) on a time period unfortunately its pretty
      > narrow and not one I'm at all familiar with. Its 1480s-1510s, so basically
      > Henry VII's rein. She likes the early style gable hood and dress style
      > Elizabeth of York is portrayed in. Can anyone help me with documentation?
      > Its not for a competition or anything but I want to get it right.
      > Thanks, Sarah
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      Elizabeth Walpole
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