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58993Re: [Authentic_SCA] 2013 Trip to Kentwell Hall, Hampton Court and V&A New Textile Exhibit

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  • Tudorpot
    Jan 31, 2012
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      On 2012-01-31, at 4:57 PM, Cilean_69 wrote:

      > Kentwell Hall-has an Easter thing, but we are looking at June for the BIG Tudor Days that run for 6 weeks.
      > V&A Textile Exhibit has been shut down and will not open until 2013.
      Nods, I am more of book person- will be checking out period bindings at the British Library. There is still lots to see at the V&A. As you say there is so much to see.
      > It is lovely you are going in April! I hope you are going for a while to get to all of the things you are showing! I was there last year and it took 2 weeks to get to the list you have so good for you!

      I'm going for 16 days.

      > Might I also suggest to email Bath's Museums and the V&A and the Tate and see if they will give you a 'closed tour' as you are a costumer looking to expand your knowledge. It helped me to get to see a lot of things that are not on display at right now!

      Will try that, thanks.
      > Of course I also had the chance to go to the TORM (The Original Re-enactor's Market) and it had some spectacular stuff, I have some fabric it is cloth of silver, expensive but worth it! I also picked up a Forepart/Sleeve fabric I am going to pearl and perhaps wear this coming 12th Night (2013).
      > Anyway? Have a grand time! Oh if you have the chance? Order a Ploughman's lunch!!!
      Very true, I've lived in the UK in the past. Steak & Kidney pie is also a good choice.

      You probably know this- but if you book ahead, you can get a very cheap ticket on the Eurostar, I booked in late Jan for April. I was able to get one for £39. Am also saving time and money by flying into London and out of Paris, rather than backtracking to London. Easy to book online or with agents. Open Jaw is the term.

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