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58975New images of the Cappella Palatina muquarnas

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  • gianottadallafiora
    Dec 30, 2011
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      At my blog, Siquillya, I have posted some of the images I photocopied from a new book about the Cappella Palatina muquarnas.


      The hundreds of images of the muquarnas are the most complete series of medieval Islamic images that still exist in the Mediterranean. They show dancers, musicians, drinkers, and courtiers. Most of all, you have a plethora of images of WOMEN. Women dancing with scarves, playing and dancing with goblet drums and frame drums, playing clappers, ouds, rebabs, tanburs, end-blown flutes, odd little oval drums struck with a stick. And one special lady showing off her underwear.

      The Cappella Palatina in the Palazzo dei Normanny in Palermo was dedicated in 1130 by King Roger II. The chapel was built in the 1130s and 1140s. The images date from this period.

      Adelisa Salernitana