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58859Re: [Authentic_SCA] Wappenrock/Waffenrock/Bases questions...

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  • Brad Moore
    Aug 24, 2011
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      From my own research, I believe the Waffenrock was worn over armor.  Check out landsknecht.org, its free to join, and lots of great information and source images are available there.  There are images of a breastplate being worn over the 'rock, but more often the armor is underneath.  Bases (the "skirt") are pleated, and in most German examples I've seen were attached. There are English examples which are separate, specifically to be worn with tournament armor (see Dr. Maria Hayward's research in Textiles and Text).  Sleeves are usually integral, but I have seen examples made by reenactors which have lace on 3/4 length sleeves.  Some Italian versions appear to be sleeveless over a doublet (see Mass of Bolsena by Raphael Sanzio in the Vatican).  Also check out a copy of Un Banquier Mis A Nu, a French mimeograph of a 16th century German Manuscript detailing the clothing of Matthaus Schwarz.  The proper layers are doublet and hose (wams und hosen)
      with the Waffenrock worn over the top of these.  A gown may be worn over the Waffenrock in some cases, as well.  If you like, message me privately and I will try to provide more specifics.
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      Lord Nicolas L'Anguille

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